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Welcome! Glad you found your way here. You will find some personal info about me and hopefully also other interesting stuff.
Short Bio
I am a random person interested into coding and ROM hacking. My main interest is modifying Nintendo games, specifically Mario games such as New Super Mario Bros. Over the years working on those games I taught myself multiple programming languages such as C++, C, C#, Java and Python as well as ARM assembly and reverse engineering.
I also enjoy electronics engineering and have experience with PCB design, soldering and FPGA programming (Verilog and VHDL).
My real name is Bent and I speak English, German and some remaining bits of spanish.
Eventually I will add a more detailed bio when I feel like it.
Find me here
Super Mario Bros. Next
Newer Super Mario Bros. DS
Hisame - FPGA devboard
Classy - IDA Pro plugin to manage classes
SMBNext: Sunset Shores
Magikoopa - 3ds application code injection tool
CoinKiller - NSMB2 level editor
Goombatlas - NSMB worldmap editor
kiwiDMG - GameBoy Emulator
AmbiBlarg - Monitor background light controller

Way more stuff I'm too lazy to add right now.
I will add descriptions to all of my various projects eventually.
Email: bent@mail.de
Twitter: @ricbent_
Discord: Bent#3860 on Skawo's Server or SMBNext Server
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